Hirslanden St. Anna and Andreasklinik

Have you noticed our jerseys? Since January 1st, 2015, we have been advertising the Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna in Luzern and Hirslanden Andreas Klinik in Zug on our courier outfits. Our couriers are out daily generating over 250 different customer contacts and bringing a touch of colour to a dreary day in the office.

Lungenliga Zentralschweiz

Lungenliga Zentralschweiz has been advertising on our courier bags for several years now. This makes great sense: We make the impossible happen on a daily basis. Promoting an advocate of clean air on our courier bags ensures that the wind is always in the right direction for us to get the job done quickly.

PH Luzern

Go further, not only with Velokurier, but also with PH Luzern. PH Luzern has been one of our advertising partners since September 2012, and their logo is visible on the back of our transport trailers.

PH Zug

PH Zug has been an advertising partner since November 2012. Highlighting their range of courses on our new trailers